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A.W roofing is National House Building Council (NHBC) approved, which means all of our roofing services meet the standards and regulations of new homes in the UK. As well as being NHBC approved, we are also Rated 5* by previous and existing customers, advertising on ‘Checkatrade’ and ‘Mybuilder’ with some excellent reviews.

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We Are NHBC Approved With All Our Work

Dry Ridge and verge systems - Dry ridge, rather than relying on mortar for a bond, instead uses a dry fix system that typically uses, stainless steel screws to attach clamps between the joints of every ridge tile, clamping them to the roof. Beneath these screws are waterproof unions that catch any small amount of direct rainfall and disperse it sideways back onto the roof itself. Dry verge systems are very much the same as dry ridge systems, however as stated in the name, it is used of the edge of the roofing. The traditional way of finishing the roof at a gable wall is to use mortar, and even if properly installed a verge will require regular maintenance as it is prone to mortar failure which can lead to water ingress.

New Build Roofing

What Makes The Dry Ridge System So Beneficial?

Dry Ridge systems are very beneficial as they will not blow off in abnormal UK conditions, greatly reducing the risk of storm damage to your roofing. The maintenance of the roofing is also very simple, unlike degrading mortar that will need to be fixed over time. Dry ridge also provides excellent but discreet ventilation, which helps prevent build up of harmful condensation. Another benefit to Dry ridge systems is the allowing of movement within the roof. Whether its from roads, train tracks or natural reasons, tiles are bound to move, with Dry ridge tiles, it allows for this movement which surprisingly does no damage, unlike mortar roofing. Dry verge systems have the same benefits, however they also create a great outer sealant to protect from water leaks and even pests, as opposed to mortar which over time corrodes and created small gaps for water and pests to enter.

New Velux Windows

Brighten up a dark room with a new Velux window.

At A.W roofing, we don't just install roofing, we are also able to install New Velux Windows into the roofs of new builds. Velux windows provide excellent heat insulation which ensures you aren't loosing heat through the roofing windows. As well as being a good heat insulator, it also provides sound proofing, added strength and protection from the elements. This is advantageous as there wont be a noticeable difference to it being a normal roof without a window. It enables natural lighting to enter the room as well as being completely weather tight.


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